Terms of Service

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Terms of Service

MediaWire’s press release hosting service is intended to provide companies with increased exposure to the media for your news and events. Based on the package you choose, we may offer premium services designed to enhance your media exposure, with the goal of getting your news covered by the media. We will do everything possible to deliver the features listed in the package description. However, to ensure quality service and present news in a way best received by the media, we require that submitted press releases adhere to these guidelines:

  1.  Press release must be related to the automotive aftermarket (which includes the mobile electronics sector), and suitable for businesses that resell, service or support automotive aftermarket products or consumers who purchase them.
  2. Press release must be written with the goal of providing timely, newsworthy information. We reserve the right to not post / host press releases that are not deemed timely or newsworthy.
  3. While we will correct basic grammar and spelling mistakes, the press release must be well-written, and adhere as closely as possible to AP (Associated Press) standards. This improves the chances that your news will be reported by the media. Content that is unclear or that requires more than basic corrections will be directed back to the submitting company.
  4. It goes without saying that press releases cannot:
    1. Promote anything illegal or unethical
    2. Mention or disparage other brands
    3. Contain foul language
    4. Contain material that may be considered offensive
    5. Contain false information or information intended to mislead news recipients
  5. Finally, a press release cannot be an “ad in disguise.” While it may seem like a good idea in the short term, it erodes your credibility with the media.

We reserve the right to refuse to post any press release for any reason. If you have paid for a premium service, your payment will be refunded and you will be notified of our refusal. Furthermore, by offering this service, we imply no guarantees or warranty of media coverage or performance.


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